Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a commission.  The following may be long and slightly scary sounding, but it's not as frightening as it seems.  Knowledge is power and I want you to feel comfortable with how everything works (and also cover myself legally in the process). I really do care about your artwork and the service I'm providing you.


 UPDATED 11.30.2018 - BY BOOKING A COMMISSION WITH PETS BY BRETT (BRETT DEWALL) YOU ARE AGREEING TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. They form a contractual agreement between you, the client, and me, Brett DeWall, the artist. Please read the following carefully before booking a commission with me as it includes very important information on the commission process and what is required from you as a client. Thank you.


  • Commissions are a personalized service and are therefore non-returnable or refundable. By booking Pets By Brett you agree to this and the following points:
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission at any time without giving any reason.
  • I do not illustrate humans, owners, or children.  I only illustrate the pets.
  • There may be a waiting list at busy times of year. Commissions are based on First Come, First Served ONLY.
  • If you wish to have a commission completed and shipped in time for Christmas delivery please book between September and November at the latest, earlier for International clients. Commissions CLOSE mid December and will not reopen until the New Year.
  • Artwork can take 1 - 2 weeks to complete depending on the size, complexity, and correspondence. Shipping can take another 1-2 weeks in the US and 1-6 weeks internationally. PLEASE BOOK YOUR COMMISSIONS IN PLENTY OF TIME.
  • I do not send the original digital source files. Only the prints. 
  • Rushed orders are available. These cost 50% extra on top of your original quote and are discretionary. I can find quicker couriers too but these can be VERY expensive. Please book in time to avoid disappointment!
  • To begin the commission booking process simply fill in the form on this page and upload clear pictures of your pet(s) from a few angles and so I can provide you with a quote. It helps if you have an idea of what you'd like or can provide reference images or examples of work you like. If you're not sure yet, still get in touch and I can advise.
  • Quotes are valid for 7 days or whatever has been stated on the quote itself. If you do not pay your deposit within that time the quote is no longer valid and prices may change in future.
  • Quotes are non-negotiable. I can provide further information on my pricing structure upon request.
  • Commissions require a non-refundable 50% deposit to book. This deposit confirms your place in my schedule and we can begin the process of creating your art. The remaining 50% is paid when the work is completed and you are happy with it and before delivering.
  • Commissioned Artwork comes UNFRAMED.
  • I am happy to do all I can to meet your needs within certain limitations. Please remember I am working in my own style and I will not copy or emulate existing artwork.
  • I am a skilled professional and will do things to the best of my knowledge and ability. Please ensure you are happy with my skill and style before booking your commission with me.


  • Payment must be done via Paypal. Payment details are provided on my quotes or invoices. I do not accept any other form of payment due to security issues.
  • All payments must be cleared in my bank account before work/shipping commences.
  • I can provide email invoices/receipts for you.
  • Payments should be made in Dollars or the equivalent exchange rate as specified on the quote by myself.


  • Please ensure any pet photos you provide are of the highest possible quality. I require high resolution (as much detail as possible), in focus, and sent to me digitally. Please have a selection on hand in case your pet's personality just isn't coming through because of the lighting/angle/clarity
  • Any photo references you provide me must be your own or you have copyright or permission to use.


  • Clients are required to be actively involved during the commission process so they can confirm I'm doing what they require and it is satisfactory. Please respond to messages and emails promptly as I can only proceed at certain stages with your cooperation and this may cause delays. Not responding to correspondence may result in me cancelling the contract.
  • Clients will be sent .jpg updates through email along with explanations of progress. You are invited to make suggestions and provide feedback on composition, poses, likeness, colors, etc. This helps me keep on track and make sure I'm making something you like.
  • Progress may be published online, so please let me know if you do not wish me to do that. As a rule, if you mention it's for a birthday or a gift I do not share the artwork online until afterwards. If you wish I keep your commission completely private, please let me know and I am happy to accommodate that.
  • As a work in progress, artwork can change a LOT through its creation so please show patience in the early stages if you think work looks unfinished. I do NOT send artwork until you are 100% happy with it.
  • If a work isn't progressing the way I would like, I will tell you. It is important to me I create artwork that is to the best of my abilities. I will not give you artwork that I am not satisfied with.
  • It is VITAL you request alterations as early as possible so I can include them and fix any problems. Once an artwork gets beyond the sketch phase it becomes more difficult to change and can result in extra fees.
  • Once the work is completed and the commission is ready to be delivered, clients have a final opportunity to request any last minute minor alterations and confirm they are happy with the work before shipping.
  • If at the end you change your mind over a key component or require major alterations to the artwork (such as changing the pose or facial expression, adding in an extra pet, increasing the size, or changing to an entirely different custom background) I will likely need to put in a lot more hours than previously determined. You will be charged extra for this and the commission process will begin again. You will be required to pay any extra charges up front and in full before the new work commences.


  • US shipping is free. It is sent first class and will need to be signed for. Most orders should be with you within 1 week of shipping.
  • International shipping is not free, and costs are estimated at the time of booking. They are then officially quoted once the artwork is packaged and ready to ship. This is because the work needs to be weighed and measured accurately whilst fully packaged to figure out accurate shipping costs.
  • International shipping can cost can range drastically depending on what's being sent. I try to make this as affordable, but as safe & secure as possible, even if it takes longer to ship artwork. This is for everyone's benefit.
  • International orders can take 1 - 6 weeks to ship. Please bare this in mind if you have deadlines to meet.
  • ALL Deliveries will need to be signed for.
  • I have yet to have any disasters happen during shipping and I aim to be as helpful and open minded as possible. Please don't worry if something goes wrong. These things do happen and I am happy to help find satisfactory solution for both parties. I can always reprint the artwork if need be, so it's really just a case of time.
  • Commissions will ONLY be shipped once the outstanding balance has been paid and cleared in my account. This is non-negotiable.


  • I retain the copyright to any artwork I create for you unless agreed otherwise and that artwork may feature in promotional material for my business or my portfolio. This includes online distribution and possibly prints and other commercial applications of the artwork.  
  • You may not duplicate the work by creating your own prints without strict written permission from me.
  • You may not distribute or exhibit the artwork in any other way other then for domestic and personal use including social media. All credit must be given to Pets By Brett or Brett DeWall.
  • Commissioned artwork may not be used in any commercial way unless I've given strict written permission and we have agreed separate terms and conditions for this proposition. Licensing is available to purchase.
  • My artwork may not be resold or altered in anyway other then in the process of mounting and framing or restoration/repair.
  • My artwork must retain is original signature and this must be visible when displayed.
  • The artwork remains the property of Pets by Brett until received and signed for by the client. Once you receive it you are the owner of that artwork and responsible for its care and maintenance.
  • I am not responsible for any damage incurred by framing or hanging the artwork.


  • If, due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness, death, personal crisis, natural disaster or 'act of God', and I am unable to complete the commission I, or my legal representatives will offer you, the client, a full refund. Any remaining or unfinished artwork remains the property of Pets By Brett. An alternative situation may be offered where you will be able to purchase the unfinished artwork at price that reflects what stage the artwork is at.
  • Likewise, if the client is unable to pay for or receive the commission due to illness, death, personal crisis, natural disaster or 'act of God', the commission contract will be terminated from that point on and Pets By Brett retains the artwork and deposit unless the remaining balance is paid for.
  • Any circumstance like the above will be handled realistically, compassionately and sensitively for the benefit of both parties on a case by case basis.
  • If a client becomes offensive or abusive, unresponsive to emails or acts in a way that breaks my trust, I will give reasonable warning and proceed to terminate the commission contract and retain monies paid. Any existing artwork then remains the property of Pets By Brett.
  • Pets By Brett is not responsible for any damage, theft or loss after the clients receives and/or signs for the finished artwork. Repairs or replacement artwork may be possible but will be charged separately.


  • I have yet to run into any major problems during commissions, but if you do have any concerns feel free to contact me directly at brett@petsbybrett.com and we can discuss things and ease your mind.
  • I have many happy clients willing to give you feedback testimonials on their experiences with me if you wish to see some referrals.
  • You are invited to give me feedback once you have received your artwork which will be then used in promotional material and shared with potential clients in future. Your first name will be included. By providing feedback you agree to this. You may request to remain anonymous

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