Pricing is always a little difficult to predict, because each illustration can vary greatly on the amount of work involved.  Painting a closeup of your dogs face with a blurred background shouldn’t cost as much as a chihuahua flying the millennium falcon.  Because of that, each commission is unique in its pricing.

That being said, I understand that some people just want a general concept of how much things cost. Here’s a general ballpark of what I charge for non-commercial usage (aka. Private use).

(Note: As stated before, These prices are not set in stone and can fluctuate dramatically depending on the project.)

$500 = One Commissioned “Just the Pet” Print Illustration for one pet (inked and colored) printed on 100 lb. matte paper. Includes email correspondence, sketches, and either a pattern background, a solid background, or no background.  Price can go up depending how you would like it delivered. Additional pets and detailed items (aka: space gadgets, weaponry, etc.) can be added on for additional fees. Click Here!

$750+ = One Legit Commissioned Pet Print Illustration (Inked/colored with a unique background) printed on thicker paper using museum quality archival inks (known as a giclee print). Includes email correspondence, sketches, custom background, feedback and revisions. Sound Good? Click Here!

If you have multiple pets and want them all interacting together, the prices vary depending on how many pets are involved and the level of complication.  It really depends on if I'm going to be spending one week or three weeks on it. It will probably be expensive, but I am always up for the challenge if you are.  Send me a message and we can work it out together.  Price quotes are free :)