Creating a Custom Pet Portrait

While there are plenty of people out there willing to paint your pets, it’s surprising to me how few artists take each pet’s personalities into account.  I get inspired when I hear about the quirks, the stories, and what sets your pet apart from the rest. Little things can make all the difference.

"My whole goal was a piece that would totally make me say, those are their exact personas.  We truly could not be happier with the piece, and I am so impressed.  It is absolutely PERFECT." - Jennifer Rosowitz

Each commissioned illustration goes through a detailed and interactive design process that will not only set your mind at ease, but help me deliver to you a pet portrait with personality guaranteed to make you and your loved ones smile. The only limit is your imagination :)

How it works:

Note:  The following might seem lengthy and maybe even intimidating, but I assure you it really isn't.  I just like to be as thorough and transparent as I can to limit any confusion surrounding the process :)

First thing you need to do is fill out the handy commission form at the bottom of this page and send me a few pictures of your pet(s).  After I receive those, I’ll get back to you (usually within 24 hours) and set up a time to speak with you.  

Price quotes are free.


We will start by having a lovely chat over the phone or through a virtual meeting to iron out the details and address any questions you have regarding your illustration.  We can also just stick to email if you prefer.  Once I have a solid understanding of what is required for the piece, I will follow up with a simple proposal of my pricing for your project.


A formal illustration contract will be emailed to you with project scheduling dates included. After that’s returned to me signed along with a 50% installment payment we can begin.

In order to secure and guarantee your slot in my production queue, the non-refundable 50% installment payment on your project is due in full.


Once the deposit has been made and contract signed, sketches of your pet(s) are drawn up and sent to you digitally for your review. These are generally fairly loose, but enough to get the idea across. This is the time where we make the most drastic changes and make sure we’re on the right path. The number of sketches and revisions may be different for each client depending on their needs, but will be set for you and outlined in the contract proposal.


This is the fun part where all the planning finally pays off! I work diligently and send you proofs for a last round of revisions. With your feedback, I put the finishing touches on your illustration.

Final files/illustrations are delivered once the final invoice is paid in full.

After I receive the final payment, your new one-of-a-kind pet illustration is sent off to you to enjoy, admire, and love!

To proceed, please fill out the following form so I can assess your needs and give you the best possible service. Also, please read my commission terms and conditions here. Thank you so much, and may the force be with you :)

Things worth noting

  • All custom pet portraits are created digitally.
  • I do not illustrate humans. I only illustrate the pets!
  • Commissions are generally completed within 2 weeks. Please allow an additional 3-5 days for delivery in the US, 5-7 days for international shipping.
  • Each pet portrait will appear in my online portfolio and may become a print on this site. (no photographs will be posted of your pet without your permission, only my artwork); by purchasing a digital painting you are agreeing to this and the rest of the terms and conditions.