Book Title: Dogs! A Through BreedZ

Written & Illustrated by: Brett DeWall

Tagline: The most fun you’ll have learning about dogs (from a book)!

Book Description: By blending fun facts with humorous poetry and ridiculous cartoony artwork, “Dogs! A Through BreedZ" will actually trick you into learning a few things about our favorite canine companions and how each one stands out from the rest.

Available at: Amazon.com 

Release Date: 10-04-2021

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BIO - Short and to the point

Brett DeWall - Author/Illustrator 

-Studied Illustration at Art Center College of Design

-Created "Pets by Brett" in 2018, creating fun pet portraits and prints. 

-Released first kids book "Dogs! A Through BreedZ" in October of 2021

-Has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, stop motion animator, puppet concept artist, commercial director, video creation specialist, and sandwich artist.

-Had a Game of Thrones themed wedding 

Standard Bio

Brett DeWall is an illustrator/author living in Carlsbad, California with his wife Shalyn and dog Penny. As a child of the 80's, Brett spent an unreasonable amount of time drawing and animating cartoons before graduating from Art Center College of Design. In 2018, he focused his artistic skills towards creating personalized pet portraits for people and “Pets by Brett” was born.

His first kids book “Dogs! A Through BreedZ” was released on October 4th of 2021, and is currently available on Amazon.

 Potential Discussion Topics 

  • What made you decide to write a kids book? How was the experience for you?
  • What were some fun things you learned while researching the dogs?
  • What are the dogs you left out, that you wish you could've put in?
  • Did you look to other authors/artists for inspiration? What were your favorite kids books growing up?
  • Describe your writing process. What came first, the pictures or the writing?
  • What sets "Dogs! A Through BreedZ" apart from other books about dogs?
  • Which dog is your favorite breed?



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 Email: brett@petsbybrett.com